Unlike some of the folks who host other blogs, I abhor censorship. If the particular word that you choose is the most appropriate adjective that you can come up with, then so be it. We are supposed to be adults here. Censorship is less about verbage, and more about social control and self-righteousness. There is a reason why we have constitutional protection of right to free speach. (A point only considered valuable to the TheoCONS when they want to force their beliefs on the rest of us, yet they profess to be patriots, go figure).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again..McCain and Palin are adulterers, and Palin’s daughter is a classic slut. The fact that the TheoCONs, who profess to be about family values, are willing to overlook this while SCREAMING about Clinton’s minor tryst is the epitome of self-righteous double standards. But no surprise, TheoCONS have no problem being rascist, hypocritical liars.