It wasn’t enough to just stab the taxpayer in the back with this ludicrous bailout of the rich, but they decided it would be more fun to twist and twist the knife.

According to the USAToday, “High pay and “golden parachutes” for poor-performing executives in finance and other industries still is a big issue, but the bailout bill passed Friday by the U.S. House likely won’t rein in overpaid Wall Street moguls.
Compensation consultants who work with companies on pay packages say the bill’s sections on executive compensation are so broadly and vaguely written that executives and companies will create dozens of new ways to boost leaders’ pay anyway.

“This is tinkering around the margins, without really taking a fundamental look at executive compensation plans,” says Howard Sherman, CEO of the Governance Metrics International.”

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We have become a corporatocracy….”for the corporation, by the corporation, of the corporation…”