The one thing that conservative and liberal political observers do agree on is that the mudslinging and negative ads have reached an all time high (or low as the case may be) in this presidential election.  Most polls show that this negativity is actually hurting McCain because while Obama keeps trying to talk issues like healthcare, the failed wars and the economy, McCain just keeps coming back with unsubstantiated, old and false attacks on Obama’s character and history.

McCain now just looks like a desperate man who is willing to do or say anything, ethical or not, to succeed in his quest for presidential power. What does that say for his character?

When observing history it is, unfortunately, human nature to forget the distant past and remember only the more recent events.  I’ve always had great respect for people who have served and sacrificed for this country such as John McCain, but recently he has replaced that respect with new memories of misleading ads, fear tactics, unpresidential guffaws, poor decision making, and various other acts of desperation that make me wonder about this man and his “true colors.”  Should John McCain lose this election, I think history will remember him more as a failed presidential candidate, than of an ex-POW.  What a shame.