In just the past few weeks and months that the USA has been introduced to Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, McCain’s selection for his replacement, is this:

1. She is reported to be an adulterer

2. She has no problem abusing power to fire a hated brother-in-law.

3. She is a liar. She claims that she reined in spending in Alaska as her “fiscally responsible attack” on government spending, in fact, spending increased dramatically while she was mayor and governor (54-31% respectively).

4. She’s stupid.  All I have to say here is “Katie Couric Interview.”

5. She talks about “small town values” and calls Obama “elitist” then accepts $150,000 in RNC funds for a wardrobe for her AND her family.  Over $22,000 were reported to have been spent on stylists alone.

6. Did I mention that she’s stupid?  At a North Carolina fundraiser she once said that [sic] “she doesn’t read the news because it makes her sad.”  A nice trait for a person who could be a heart beat away from being president. 

7. She’s a thief.  She’s under investigation for spending thousands of Alaskan dollars on trips for her family.  Apparently she even instructed organizations to formally invite her children to a State event (even though the kids weren;t meant to be invited) so she could use taxpayer dollars.

8. She is not a good mother.  She brought up a sleazy daughter who got pregnant out of wedlock at 17 years of age. Not only is this trashy because Palin is now a grandmother at 44, but what does it say for the GOP’s “family values” and abstinance programs?

9. Again, did I mention that she is stupid?  In an interview with the freaky Rev. James Dobson, she reportedly said that “god will decide the outcome of this election.”  Well Hell!  Why do we bother to vote!