According to CNN, October could be the first month of the Iraq war when no U.S. servicemembers will have died in combat in Baghdad. As of Thursday, the Pentagon had reported 13 U.S. troops killed in combat and non-combat incidents this month in Iraq. If the number holds, it would tie July for the lowest monthly U.S. death toll of the 5½-year-old war.

Militant groups such as al-Qaeda have shifted their base back to Afghanistan, where U.S. fatalities in October were higher than those in Iraq for the second consecutive month.


Between downsizing troops to send to Afghanistan, and conducting fewer patrols mostly in relatively “safe” zones, is this not predictable?  Especially just before a presidential election?  I suppose that the dramatic drop in gas prices recently is also coincidental. 

With the increased US presence back in Afghanistan, (because GWB didn’t finish the job the first time as he felt taking over oil fields in Iraq was more important than finishing off the Taliban and Al Quaeda in Afghanistan),  I suspect that reduced death in Iraq=increased deaths in Afghanistan.   I don’t care where it occurs, a US death is a US death.