This is why the NEOCON movement lost the election.

Neocons can’t win in the arena of ideas so they resort to insult because of their ignorance and lack of self respect. They are sanctimonious pseudo-Christians who think it’s the neocon way or the highway. They support giving welfare to the rich and big biz while failing to provide basic healthcare to our soldiers and their fellow Americans. Neocons believe in torture, invading and occupying a sovereign country, outing CIA operatives, spying on their fellow Americans, the use of overpaid mercenaries, debilitating our military and, of course, 3rd grade name calling. All this while greedy neocon policies have bankrupted the country and destroyed our reputation abroad. Their biggoted ways were just swept out of the presidency and the congress because “real” Americans disagree with their divisive agenda. Neocons are passe. I’m glad we only have to read an occasional hatepost from them while they have to live with their own hatred 24/7. Justice? I think so. We’re moving forward. Neocons, and their kind, are flotsam in the ever increasing wake of real, pro-Americans.