1. Palin apparently Pulled the Trigger Early on Ayers Accusations without the consent of the McCain campaign:

2. Palin claimed to have great foreign policy knowledge but didn’t Know the Countries in NAFTA:

3. Palin Thought Africa was a Country, Not a Continent:

4. The $150,000 Price Tag for Palin’s Wardrobe was a Low Estimate, she infuriated top staffers after she spent tens of thousands of dollars on clothes for her family, she even hid some of the purchases by having low level staffers pay for them on their credit card:

5. Post-Election, Palin Is Backtracking on Stevens:

6. Palin “Began to Attack Staffers:”

7. Palin Wanted to Speak at McCain’s Concession Speech, presumably to set herself up for a 2012 presidential run, thankfully the McCain campaign had the class to veto that one: