During these uncertain economic times it’s even more important to continue to support your local small businesses.   The big box retail stores will survive this downturn, they have billions of dollars in assets, cash reserves, and access to credit.  Small business owners however, don’t have the protection of the federal government nor the assets and reserves.   They need your help during these troubling times, for many, its make it or break it.  Buying your products or services from Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Target, just to save a few pennies, makes it that much more difficult for a local entrepreneur to meet his mortgage or pay his employees.  These folks are people that shop where you shop, worship where you worship, and send children to school with your children. We need to support them.

WE are Harrisonburg & Rockingham Country.  Let’s make sure our friends, family and neighbors who own  local businesses will still be here to serve us for years to come.