Intelligence Report: IMF, World Bank May Have Less Influence by 2025

As the nation tries to understand the depth of the current global financial crisis, the U.S. intelligence community is contributing its own critique of international economic institutions as part of a larger analysis of where the world is headed in the coming years, known as the Global Trends 2025 report.

The National Intelligence Council, which works under the director of national intelligence and produced the report, cited “waning efficacy and appropriateness of the international institutions that were put in place after World War II.”

The NIC suggests that some of the “aging” central pillars of the international financial system, including the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, have a “waning ability” to address new transnational challenges.

Anyone who has followed the arrogant , unrealistic, anti-nationalistic tenets of this imperialistic organization knows that this is a good sign.