I think GWB has given up, he’s obviously tired and feeling guilty. Tired of the stress, the lies, being the  puppet of Cheney, the military industrial complex, corporate conservatism, and tired of feeling guilty about his arrogant, disasterous anti-democratic decisions that will ultimately determine his legacy.  Recently the lame duck holder of the Office of President has been granting rather uncharacteristically honest, introspective interviews reflecting on his presidency.  He has admitted to many mistakes about the Iraq war and  today he acknowledged in a speech that there was no link between Iraq and 9/11.  He also stated his belief  that the the overwhelming democratic success in this past election was a repudiation of republican policies and practices.

Does his candor mean that  he has suddenly found God?  No wait, never mind….according to Bush God speaks to him nightly and has been counseling him on these decisions.

GWB has already mentioned that in his post-presidency he’d like to write a memoir and speak on the lecture circuit. Many observers have already gone on record as saying that the main purpose of this is to spin his historically low approval rating and re-write his legacy.

I just hope that like OJ Simpson, who was sentenced today to about 9 years in prison, history will not forget the evils of GWB and he will get his just due.  The damage that he and his greedy controllers have wraught on this country is immeasurable.