Thank you Reagan for:

Deregulation, Laissez Faire free-market economists,  “trickle down” economics,  “supply side” reaganomics, and for increasing the National Debt from $700 billion to $3 trillion and tripling the trade deficit.

Thank you “Bush the Elder” for:

Continuing the deregulation of corporations and governmental oversight, not finishing the job in Iraq the first time around, initiating the concept of NAFTA, cutting alternative fuel research funding, and for overseeing the greatest funding decrease of the EPA and the subsequent attack on the environment of any president to date.

Thank you Clinton and your GOP Congress for:

Making NAFTA the economic legacy of the 1990s and leading to the loss of millions of jobs, the “contract with America” which led directly to the Big 3 auto crisis that we are dealing with today, continued deregulation at the behest of lobbyists particularly the financial and banking sectors.

Thank you ‘Bush the Dumber” for:

Continued deregulation particularly of the mortgage, securities, credit and insurance industries, for lying to the American people and getting us into a war we can’t afford and can’t win,  for the largest National Debt in history, for continuing to dilute the authority of oversight agencies, for putting corporate interests over those of the people every chance he got, for not going after OBL, for ignoring the Geneva Convention and destroying all international respect for this country, particularly after 9/11, and making us the most hated country in the world. for constantly ignoring the will of the people,  for denying the warning signs of an impending recession and then neglecting to do anything about it, for “leaving no CEO behind.”   Thanks also Mr. President # 43 for the following:

Employers cut 533,000 jobs in Nov., most since 1974

unemployment rate to rise to 6.7% from 6.5% in October and the highest in 15 years

Retailers cut 91,300 jobs, including 24,200 at automobile dealerships.

Manufacturers cut 85,000 employees.

Construction companies cut 82,000 workers.

Temporary help firms cut 78,200.

Companies in the leisure and hospitality sector cut 76,000 employees, including 36,600 hotel workers

Lost in America: 1.9 million jobs

Worst economic crisis since the Great Depression

In the interest of big business, denying the Global Warming crisis

Promoting a culture of corporate greed that not only led to this mess, but also to the point where toy, pet food, pharmaceutical and milk companies are encouraged to put profits over the health and welfare of the American public.

Making China, a communist country, the next Superpower.

Most of all, Thanks Ronnie, George, Bill (Newt, DeLay, Santorum, Lott, Dole), George Jr, for doing what you could, to destroy the American Dream for millions of people.