Along the way he is also breaking a promise he made to hunters and fisherman…..

The Bush administration is exiting with three major regulatory assaults on our nation’s waterways. Yesterday, the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers issued a new guidance document to clarify how many of the nation’s waterways will not, for Clean Water Act purposes, be protected. In doing so, they broke the promise that Bush made to hunting and angling groups during his 2004 reelection campaign that he would continue to apply the Clean Water Act to vitally important wetlands and headwaters streams.

The day before, the Administration approved new rules that would legalize the practice of dumping mining waste from coal mining into streams, eliminating the current, modest requirement of a 100-foot buffer zone. EPA Administrator Steve Johnson signed off on this proposal with the Orwellian comment that “Americans should not have to choose between clean coal or effective environmental protection; we can achieve both.”