Gays, God, the Bible and the bishops

The wrangling over faith, homosexuality and Proposition 8, which overturned the legalization of gay marriage in California, is taking some interesting turns this week — all based in some way on how one reads the Bible.

Archbishop of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony said in a letter to homosexuals in the weekly archdiocesan paper, The Tidings, that the Catholic Church’s vociferous support of the ballot initiative “does not diminish in any way (your) importance” nor “lessen your personal dignity and value as full members of the body of Christ.”

Mahony wrote:

We are saddened that some people who opposed Proposition 8 have employed hurtful and accusatory language, and even threatening actions, against those who voted for Proposition 8. This is most unfortunate since such strategies obscure the basic matter at issue: the preservation of the ordered relationship between man and woman created by God.

In a blog, LA Weekly wasn’t buying this, calling it “wacky double-speak.”

Typical Christian hypocracy, as long as the G&L community tithe the church then they will be “conditionally accepted.”