Christian Fraternity Sues for the Right to Discriminate.

One thing that really bugs me about modern christianity is their hypocritical disregard for equality.  They whine and moan whenever they perceive that their religion is being discriminated against (real or not), but yet have no problem discriminating against others. Once again their actions are far from Christ-like.  This Florida “fraternity” wants to prohibit all people who don’t follow their form of “christianity,” from being able to join their organization.

ATLANTA (AP) — A Christian fraternity asked federal judges Wednesday to recognize the group as part of student life at the University of Florida, despite a school rule that bars Gator groups from discriminating based on religion.

Beta Upsilon Chi lawyers told a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that the university’s policy threatens their core beliefs and that inviting non-Christians would undermine their mission.

“They’re not going to be as open if everyone in the group is not sharing their Christian values,” fraternity lawyer Tim Tracy said.

University lawyer Chris Bartolomucci said student groups are an extension of the educational process and should be open to intellectually curious students. He said no non-Christians have attempted to join the fraternity to hijack it, a hypothetical concern raised by the judges during a hearing in Atlanta.