Apparently our bad economy is forcing many Mexicans to go back to their homeland. 

USAToday reports-the collapse of the U.S. economy — particularly the housing industry — has forced the Mexican government to start preparing for an influx of returnees in the months ahead. As was the case with Araujo’s family, most illegal immigrants lack a social safety net in the USA and could have no choice but to return to Mexico, where at least they can count on family to provide shelter and food. “We have to face the possibility of a very large number of Mexicans” coming home, Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa said last month.

Besides the faltering economy, tighter border enforcement and increasing numbers of police raids on undocumented workers have contributed to a modest decline in the USA’s illegal immigrant population — the first such drop in recent memory, says Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based think tank.