No one should burn churches in America. Not African American churches. Not predominantly white churches. Not Jewish synagogues. Not even Sarah Palin’s former church. 

That said, I don’t remember this kind of outrage ( read the comments here) from the right blogosphere when poisonous fumes were pumped into a Mosque in Ohio during worship there, an attack which sickened many children and adults, and which was clearly connected to the hate video that two extremist right wing funded groups distributed during the election campaign in various states. Nor do I recall all that much concern by conservatives for the bombings domestic right wing Christian terrorist Eric Rudolph carried out against an abortion clinic and a gay nightclub. Or the shootings at the “liberal” Unitarian Universalist church in Knoxville, Tennessee earlier this year, where the shooter clearly had been inspired to act by inflammatory writings and hate speech by right wing talk radio hosts preaching hatred against liberals.