Paul Weyrich, Giant of the Conservative Movement, Dies at Age 66

The man responsible for leading evangelicals away from Christ-like values and into the dark world of greed, power and politics, died recently.  I suspect that he is sitting at the right hand of satan, right next to Jerry Falwell.

R.I.P. was the word used most in talking about the death of Paul Weyrich. “His critical role in [the] establishment [of] the right’s intellectual and communications infrastructure cannot be emphasized enough,” writes Michelle Malkin. Grover Norquist adds to a choir singing Weyrich’s praises at National Review‘s The Corner. The few liberals who cared to comment on Weyrich’s life had other things to say. “No one ever mistook Weyrich as a moderate,” says Steve Benen. “That was just the way he liked it.” But don’t get the wrong idea, writes Marc Ambinder. “He had a visceral disdain for secular humanists; he considered gay people to be hypersexualized deviants.” And he wasn’t “very nice to those with whom he worked.”