Wal-Mart Watch Reports-Wal-Mart’s use of sweatshop labor in developing countries has been well documented, but what about the use of slave labor inside their U.S. stores?

A recent investigation in York, Pennsylvania has turned up a case of forced labor occurring right inside a Wal-Mart store.  According to the report, two Vietnamese women were brought from Vietnam to work without compensation in a DaVi salon located inside the Wal-Mart store at the West Manchester mall.

In the seemingly unregulated borders of a Wal-Mart store, almost anything can happen:

Wal-Mart’s established history of violating workers rights includes locking employees in stores overnight, forcing employees to work unpaid overtime, as well as a host of other egregious problems. 

At a Wal-Mart supercenter in Jinling, China, sales promotion employees were being forced to work 365 days a year with little or no rest.  Those who took time off work were “severely reprimanded”. 

Because Wal-Mart is often aware of the problems in its stores, employees are threatened for reporting violations.  Workers demanding their rights and attempting to unionize are fired.

Wal-Mart’s low prices come at the cost of human rights and human dignity.  Wal-Mart has a responsibility to its employees and its customers to ensure a fair and safe working environment for all workers at all stages of the supply chain.  For more on the Wal-Mart’s labor abuses click here.