The Fort Lauderdale woman has also had nine kids of her own and adopted 11 others. Happy holidays … from a busy household.

As a child, Lula Mae Walker loved to dress up her dolls and dream about becoming a real mom some day. Now 73, she reflects on her decades of parenthood with a smile, proud of the children she and her husband brought into the world and the joy they have given her.

Her first-born, Charles, arrived in 1952, followed by sisters Florence and Denise, then a brother Dennis. After that came Katrina, Desiree, David, and Dwight. Rounding off the brood in 1968 was Twyla.

But while most people might have stopped at nine, Ms. Walker found room in her heart and her home for more, reaching out to needy youngsters on a scale few could even contemplate. Over the past 24 years, she has added to her family by adopting 11 more children – and fostering at least 300 others. Then there are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren – 85 in all.


Can you imagine how less stressed everyone would be if the Media reported more of these stories, and less of the murder, thievery, violence and doom & gloom that they force upon as in the name of “news?”  Maybe more people would “copycat” Lula Mae Walker instead of murders and school shootings.