Based on the children’s classic, “Goodnight Moon” and written by Erich Origan & Dan Golan.gnightbush1

“In the situation room there was a toy world, And a flight costume, and a picture of-

A refinery plume. And there were war profiteers giving three cheers…

A nation great, A Church and a State, a pair of towers, And a balance of powers..

A Grand Old Party to war in a rush, And a quiet Dick Cheney whispering “hush.”

Goodnight Room..

Goodnight refinery plume, Goodnight jets flying over the plume,

Goodnight toy world and flight costume…

Goodnight ballot box, Goodnight FOX..

Goodnight towers, And Goodnight balance of powers…

Goodnight Constitution, And Goodnight evolution…

Goodnight Democracy, And Goodnight privacy,

Goodnight old growth tress, Goodnight detainees..

Goodnight allies, Goodnight Abu Ghraib..

Goodnight contractor beheading, goodnight innocent bloodshedding..

Goodnight nation great, And goodnight Church and State..

Goodnight bubble bursting in air, And goodnight piggy bank beyond repair…

Goodnight Rule of Law, And Goodnight Mardi Gras..

Goodnight Grand Old Party, Goodnight war in a rush, And Goodnight Dick Cheney whispering “hush”…

Goodnight Earth?  Goodnight Heir?

Goodnight failures everywhere……..”

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