WASHINGTON (AP) — President George W. Bush is giving the nation’s highest civilian award to three foreign leaders who have been among his most loyal partners on the world stage, particularly in the Iraq war.

Bush is awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and to two former leaders: former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Bush is conferring the prestigious award on his friends in an East Room ceremony on Jan. 13 — exactly one week before he leaves office, White House press secretary Dana Perino said Monday.

“The president is honoring these leaders for their work to improve the lives of their citizens and for their efforts to promote democracy, human rights and peace abroad,” she said. “All three leaders have been staunch allies of the United States, particularly in combating terrorism.”

A travesty to the Medal of Freedom…..but we all know that Bush has no problem with embarassing the US and disrespecting the American Tradition..