Yesterday the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes reported that during a private meeting with President Bush last Friday, Bush cited his failed push to privatize Social Security as his biggest domestic policy achievement. However, yesterday in an interview with conservative columnist Cal Thomas, Bush seemed to change his mind, saying he wished he had focused on immigration reform instead of Social Security:

THOMAS: And biggest do-over? Knowing everything you know now, what would you have done over again?

BUSH: I probably, in retrospect, should have pushed immigration reform right after the ‘04 election and not Social Security reform.

Regardless, many conservatives fault Bush for focusing on both issues. When asked what Bush’s “biggest mistake” was as president yesterday during the RNC chair candidate debate, South Carolina GOP chairman Katon Dawson said of the many, the “Social Security debate and the immigration debate.” “Those were two that tore our Party apart at certain times and cost us electorally,” he said.