The International Committee of the Red Cross on Thursday accused Israel of delaying ambulance access to the Gaza Strip and demanded it grant safe access for Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances to return to evacuate more wounded. Relief workers said they found four starving children sitting next to their dead mothers and other corpses in a house in a part of Gaza City bombed by Israeli forces, the Red Cross said on Thursday. “This is a shocking incident,” said Pierre Wettach, ICRC chief for Israel and the Palestinian territories.

The news of families and children found starved to death and some lying next to the corpses nearly dead was reported today on the Jim Lehrer News Hour. But also today the U.S. Senate voted to support the Israeli invasion and occupation of Gaza. What kind of barbarians rule our country and occupy our Senate building? Surely some of them heard this news. Is Jimmy Carter the only politician in America to admit and condemn the starvation genocide in Gaza? The only solution is revolution. We need a global, interconnected, coordinated revolution, uniting all the moralists in every country, who will stop the atrocities and human rights violations in every country simultaneously. I do not know what form that revolution will take. But tell me, is there any other way to stop the genocide of Gaza, to stop other genocides taking place around the world? Political leaders will never care for justice. It is the common people who must stop being sheep, and who must rise to the clarion call of the Almighty to organize a global revolution to build a new world on the ashes of the old. There is no alternative. – Garda Ghista