I recently posted this on my blog,

I don’t know about you but I’m tired….tired of the hate, the doom and gloom, and the constant anger that had become our country, this is not what I want for my chlidren nor what I expect of this great country..  I’ve been fortunate to have been exposed to multiple cultures and have traveled all over this world from dozens of trips to the Caribbean and Central/South America, to the far reaches of the Middle East, Muslim nations and even Communist ones.  Arrogantly we think that they suffer because they don’t live in America, the land of  pepsi, KFC and McDonalds. But I can tell you NO ONE in those countries are as uptight and scared as the imploding and cowardly US. 

Sadly, Although the US government and media play a big role in constantly reminding us of our perceived dismal future, (control technique?) , I happen to know better,from experience, and the ability to look beyond the corporate media as if they are the only window to the world.  Did you know that Americans only take about 10 days of vacation each year while Europe takes 6-7 WEEKS as an average!  Which would you rather do? Are you surprised that they have a longer life expectancy? Oh, and by the way they don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars a years on paying back student loans or health care. Hmm.

I’m tired of busting my butt just to have someone like GBW piss it away…just because he can, and because he and his rich advisors has no concept of “middle class.”  I want better for me, my wife and my kids.  I grew up believing that the US was the greates place on Earth and that there was this concept of the “American Dream.”  Well reality has struck, truth be  told the dream is a myth to keep us spending so that the wealthy can have THEIR dream of unlimited greed and wealth.  Its time for american’s to wake up, stand up, and stop rationalizing their pathetic, over stressed existence.   More importantly, understand that better lives exist (gasp!) elsewhere.  There is a reason why American emmigration is at an all time high! I still love America and want so desperately to restore it to the glory days, but corporate america and lobbyists have destroyed that.  My parents, grandparents and immigrant great-grandparents would roll over in their grave if they knew that this is what has become of their beloved country.

To this end I’m in the process of becoming an American ex-patriot.  I’ve spent weeks, even months,  researching other countries to move to.  I think Central America is the place to go.  Surprisingly Panama is the fastest growing american ex-pat country.  I’m looking at the Bahamas and Costa Rica.  I’ve fould a GOURGEOUS 7,000sqf estate on a mountain overlooking the pristine waters (with a master bath with floor to ceiling windows with this view…its breathtaking), complete with maid and gardener for less than $800,000 US.  For another $100,000 I’ll have the boat of my dreams. The cost of living is so low that we can get by  this house, and pay for all our bills, for about $1,500/month.  Can you do that here in the US?

My kids can sail, scuba, fish and surf every day!  There is an American School for them to go to, and their degree will get them into any College in the US.  Did I mention that the health care is top notch AND free? No more spending 20-30 thousand dollars on medical insurance. Life for them will be as it was for me as a child. No more buy, buy, buy.  No more Nintendo and reality shows.  Reality for them will be fresh fruit, running on an endless beach, diving a wreck, and exploring the rain firests.   I grew up loving and respecting  the ocean and the planet, Sadly most of today’s Americans don’t respect either. I can’t think of a better environment to raise my children than Costa Rica.  Its time for me to practice what I preach and not just rationalize my temporary existence in Harrisonburg where people want to discuss the relevence of…well…nothing…. truly important.  I want better for my family and to teach them the really important things in life.  And I’m blessed that I can do that.  I truly feel sad for those who are so tied to this part of the SV, or too scared to consider otherwise, the beauty and righteousness of other places in the world.

So, as a proud expatriot to-be within the next 5 years, I say to you enjoy your stress, enjoy your hate, your simple minded angry blogs and pettiness, your heart disease, ludicrous health care system, your debt, and your decreasing life expectancy, I’m finally at some sort of peace.  If however you want to experience the world as I perceive God intended, then let me know.  You can leave the smog & congestion, high gas prices, political irrelevence, Paris Hilton, Hollywood, and the anal-retentive BS behind. I’ll have a cold marguarita, a Jimmy Buffet tune, fresh grilled fish dinner with local herbs, and the most gorgeous sunset waiting……….peace.