For the 1st time in 30+ years Peter Yarrow, the author of  the great children’s classic, “Puff the Magic Dragon,” has authorized an illustration of his classic  song.  I love it, and more importantly my children love it!  I just spent the last hour singing the song at the top of my lungs while turning the pages for my kids.  I’m hoarse, they are ecstatic.  It’s times like this that makes me realize more than ever that I need to move to another country where the value system is not about corporate america but  about,…..well….my life. 


full disclosure: Paul Stucky(Peter, PAUL, & Mary) lives a few miles from where I grew up, I’ve been to his house a few times.  The point here is “get to know your local musical talent.”  They have an amazingly perceptive and poetic insight into social mores and mainstrean pop-culture.