“Bud” Abbott-comedian, Roy Acuff-“King of Country Music,”  “Buzz” Aldrin-Astranaut, Eddie Arnold-singer,Prince Arthur-son of Queen Victoria, John Audubon – American ornithologist, Gene Autry– American actor, Count Basie-composer, Lloyd Bentson-politician, Irving Berlin-songwriter, Mel Blanc-voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and many others, Daniel Boone-US Pioneer, Ernest Borgnine-actor, Jim Bowie-Pioneer, defender of the Alamo, Omar Bradley-Army General,William Jennings Bryant-famed attorney and former Sec. of State, Richard Byrd-Navy Admiral, 1st to fly over north pole, Eddie Cantor-famed vaudevillian, “Kit” Carson-frontiersman, Joshua Chamberlain-Union General Civil War, won Battle of Gettysburg, Walter Chrysler-founder of Chrysler Corp., Winston Churchill-Prime Minister, Lewis AND Clark-explorers, Mark Twain-author, Ty Cobb-baseball player, “Buffalo Bill” Cody-guide & showman, George M. Cohen-famed composer,Nat “King” Cole-singer, Samuel Colt-firearms inventor, Davy Crockett-frontiersman, Norm Crosby-comedian,Cecil B. DeMille-director, Bob Dole-WWII veteran, senator, presidential candidate, James Doolittle, WWII General famous for his impossible raid on Tokyo, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-Sherlock Holmes creator, King Edward the VII &VII, Duke Ellington-composer, Bob Evans-restaurateur, Douglas Fairbanks-actor, David Farragut-Union Admiral, WC Fields-entertainer, Sir Alexander Fleming-discoverer of penicillin, Gerald Ford-former US President, Henry Ford-car maker, Benjamin Franklin-american founder, Frederick II “The Great”-King of Prussia, Clark Gable-actor, James Garfield-former US President, King George VI-father of current Queen Elizabeth, John Glenn-astronaut, Senator, Barry Goldwater-conservative politician,David Goodnow-CNN anchor, Curt Gowdy-famed sports announcer,”Gus” Grissom-astronaut, Dr. Joseph Guillotin-french physician who developed the execution device bearing his name,John Hancock-signer of Declararion of Independence, Warrren Harding-former US President, Oliver Hardy-comedian of Laurel & Hardy fame, Franz Haydn-Austrian classical composer, Jesse Helms-politician, Patrick Henry-patriot, Edgar Hoover– former FBI director, Frank Hoover-vacuum inventor, Sam Hornish, Jr.-racecar driver, Roger Hornsby-famed baseball player, Harry Houdini-escape artist, Sam Houston-Texas frontiersman. politician, Burl Ives-entertainer, singer, Andrew Jackson-former US President, Rev. Jesse Jackson-activist, Edward Jenner-founder of small pox vaccine, Andrew Johnson-fromer US President, Al Jolson-vaudevillian entertainer, John Paul Jones-American Revolutionary Naval hero,Kamehameha (s), King (III, IV, and V)-Monarchs of Hawaii, David Kalakaua-last King of Hawaii, Rudyard Kipling-poet, Henry Knox-Revolutionary Hero, gave his name to Fort Knox,Sebastion Kresge-founder of K-Mart, The Marquis de Lafayette-French noble friend of George Washington, helped win the revolutionary war, Charles Lindbergh-american aviator, Trent Lott-former Senator, Douglas MacArthur-US General WWII, Rowland Macy-founder of Macy’s department store, George Marshall-author of the “Marshall Plan”, Thurgood Marshall-1st black Supreme Court justice, Hart Massey – Massey-Ferguson farm equipment, Dr. Charles Mayo-co-founder of the Mayo Clinic, Fredrick Maytag-washing machine inventor, William McKinley-former US President, Andrew Mellon-founder of Gulf Oil, philanthropist, James Monroe-former US President, Amadeus Mozart-composer, Audie Murphy-actor, most decorated WWII veteran, Sam Nunn-Senator, Brad Paisley-country singer, Davis Patterson-visually impaired current Govenor of NY, Robert Peary-admiral, 1st man to reach north pole, JC Penney-department store founder, John Pershing-US General WWI, George Pickett-General CSA, led final charge at Gettysburg, James Polk-former US President, Israel Putnam-Revolutionary hero famed for saying “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes,” Paul Revere-patriot, Michael Richards-“Kramer” on the TV shoe “Seinfeld,” the Ringling Brothers (all 7)-circus founders, “Sugar Ray” Robinson-boxer, Roy Rogers-actor, singer, Will Rogers-amercian humorist, Franklin D. Roosevelt-former US President, Theodore Roosevelt-former US President, Telly Savalas-actor, Peter Sellers-actor, Red Skelton-comedian, Jonathan Swift-author “Gulliver’s Travels,” Carl Switzer-actor, “Alfalfa” in the “Little Rascals” series, William Taft-former US President, Sylvanus Thayer-founder West Point US military academy, Danny Thomas-entertainer, founder of St. Jude’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, Dave Thomas-founder of Wendy’s restaurant, Strom Thurmond-conservative, long serving Senator, Mel Tillis-country singer, Harry Truman-former US President, Francois Voltaire-french essayist, Honus Wagner-” The Greatest Shortstop of all Time,” Lewis Wallace-Civil War General, author of “Ben Hur,” Jack Warner-half of Warner Brothers Pictures, Earl Warren-former Supreme Court Chief Justice, Booker T. Washington-educator and author, George Washington-founding father and former US President, John Wayne-actor, “The Duke,” Charles Wilder-father of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of “The little House on the Prairie,” Ed Wynn-actor, comedian father of Keenan Wynn, Brigham Young-led Mormon’s to Utah, Cy Young-great baseball pitcher, Col. Harland Sanders-founder of KFC.

That’s 9 signers of the Declaration of Independence

13 signers of the US Constitution

 a minimum of 26 US Supreme Court Justices

Over at LEAST 125 former or current Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Cabinet Members, Senators, Congressmen and Ambassadors

Over 30 former or current Archbishops, Bishops, Priests,and Ministers

Countless Generals, Admirals, officers and enlisted military personnel, and at least 4 US Congressional Medal of Honor recipients

Dozens, if not hundreds of famous actors, artists, musicians, composers, sports figures and entertainers

Dozens and dozens of Industry leaders, corporate CEOs, and University presidents….

Do you have a guess?