The attention, hope and excitment of Barrack Obama’s Inauguration is awe inspiring and  breathtaking.  After years and years of GOP divisivness, hatred, partisan politics and anti-american rhetoric, the people of this great nation are excited again.  It’s amazing, something I have wanted to feel for 2 decades but never could until now.  What is truly amazing, and an american trait that we saw during WWII, is that we have this optimism despite the record economic failures that confront us.  Human beings want hope, security and prosperity, and after 8 years of abuse, lies, hatred, arrogance and preferential treatment for the rich, americans are optimistic for change and a return to greatness and being a respected world leader,…. that is what makes America…America.

I have been researching dozens of websites covering the inauguration and it boggles the mind as to the significance of the event.  America needs this right now.  A country is only as strong as the feeling of nationalism that the citizens feel.  This is a fundamental concept that goes back to Machievelli’s “Prince.”  The GOP, in a power grab, has tried to erode this nationalism…and they have been successful…until now. 

Now is not the time to be a hatefilled partisan, now is the time to be an american. Turn off the Limbaugh, the Hannity, the Coulter and the FOXnews , their rants have become old, sad, desperate and comical. You’ll be amazed at the effect on your outlook and the lowering of your blood pressure.