These consistent acts by the US over the past several decades do add up……

(CNN) — The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting Saturday, but failed to agree on a statement in response to Israel’s ground offensive launched in Gaza.

Arab nations blamed the United States for blocking a consensus.

“We shared our view in the root cause … that is Hamas continues the rocket attacks and violence,” said U.S. envoy Alejandro Wolff. He said the United States, a permanent council member with veto power, is seeking a sustainable cease-fire in Gaza — “that means no more rocket attacks, no more smuggling bombs.

“We were not able to come to an agreement today,” Wolff said.

Libyan Ambassador Giadalla Ettalhi, who circulated a draft resolution on the crisis at a Security Council meeting last week, said the proposal, which “strongly condemns Israeli military action” and calls on the Jewish state to immediately cease “military attacks against the civilian population,” had wide support among Council members.

“Unfortunately, the delegation of the United States a clear position that is against any product or outcome from this meeting,” Ettalhi said.